THE APHRODITE’s TALISMANS – copper’s energy and enamels’ magic

from the creative gesture of Carlo Brenna the Aphrodite’s Talismans are born, unique jewels- necklaces, medallions, earrings, brooches – made of copper and enamelled in an oven to enhance feminine beauty.
Copper, the metal dedicated to the female divinity and connected to the planet Venus is the material that Carlo Brenna has chosen to make his jewels. Following the legend, just how Afrodite, the Roman goddess Venus from the foam of the sea , was born, the same here a simple copper plate, through the creative hands of the artist, the Aphrodite Talismans come to life. Timeless embrace, just like the jewels belonged to the queens of Egypt, Nefertiti and Cleopatra, to the Greek divinities and to the Roman women who knew about copper’s healing and therapeutic properties. Precious jewels to be weared with positivity and optimism,



Because you are GOLD….
GOLD, the bracelet for parties.
GOLD, the bracelet with the look.
GOLD, the bracelet made with the 3D printer.
You can also find it with many other colors and shades.