Italian artist, painter and sculptor of surreal metaphysical expression.

Born in Milano on 11 February 1935 in front of the Columns of San Lorenzo, today Milano still remains the city of his artistic education. After high school, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera and later earned the graphic expert diploma at the Humanitarian Foundation of Milan.

Since 1970, his painting language is expressed through the technique of fresco and sculpture.
During these years he has set up and participated in numerous and unique personal exhibitions in Italy and abroad. His works are found in important public and private collections.

His studio is currently located in a charming rural courtyard of Brianza: in the complex of the Art Gallery La Testimone Velata.

His artistic activity is projected towards that desire for absolute, internalizing the metaphysical thought of Descartes “cogito, ergo sum”.

“The word thought can designate both the set of psychic facts as a whole and, more specifically, the activity of reason and intellect since they are distinct from the perceptions based on senses and will. Now, my research in figurative art is to give shape to sensory perception, trying to discover what lies beyond human thought and between human and thought. Each subject of my work proposes symbols, codes, and keys to my inner world.“

Carlo Brenna